What we are doing

General overview

Biofilm Profiling, Impacts of Antibiotic – Resistance Bacteria, Force of Yield on Nutritonal Quality, Herd Biodiversity, Public Health, Animal Welfare.
They will ask what biodiversity has to do with public health – the answer is to be found in the statement by the excellent Harward biology professor, Edward O. Wilson, who said: “We need ants to survive, but they don’t need us at all”.
The same, in fact, should be said about other insects, bacteria, fungi, plankton and plants.

We humans often act as if we are totally independent of our environment, but the fundamental truth is that biodiversity matters profundly to human health in almost every conceivable way. chgeharvard.org

The idea of an interdisciplinary research and economical unit was born from a group of different disciplines, because the advent of molecular genetics, the problem of the origin of life became better formulated as the origin of genetic information, because the unique feature of living systems is the storage and translation of information in macromolecules of our ‘BIOFILM’.
Virtually all most surfaces provide fertile soil for microbial colonization. Therefore, Biofilm can either be dormant or active depending up on the external triggering factor, but it becomes active following any disturbance in its local environment.

Respecting the basic physiology of our blood circulation and its surface in our body, Protlab GPL explorers and develops new technologies to increase patient’s life expectancy e.g. a novel and differentiated VAD technology.


Protlab GPL Profiling System pays attention to the biofilm, if there is one to find.

With the fact that biofilms are responsible for a large part of the microbiota causing inflammation, such as in the heart or in the kidney, Protlab GPL always tries to take this knowledge into account when dealing with multiple forms of chronic inflammatory diseases. Whenever there is a problem of non identified infection, Protlab GPL Profiling system is applied wherever DNA, peptides, proteins or general nanoparticles leave a trail.
e.g. Scientific studies show that periodontal disease is associated with large inflammation of patients, for example, people who suffer from periodontitis show a significantly higher incidence of heart disease and stroke.
If we look more closely at this fact, we have known for a long time that dental diseases are caused by biofilm bacteria, and it is a fact that biofilm of the oral cavity steadily but surely spreads to the heart as a result of bio fluid mechanics and therefore causes heart and circulatory diseases. Of course, the advance necessary for the local alteration of bacteria, nanoparticles and parasites requires very small Reynolds numbers, but the heart pumps about 5 liters of blood into the circulation every minute. And when loaded, the pump performance can be increased until 20 to 30 liters per minute, and the Reynolds numbers of blood flow in the arteries go up to 100 and several thousand. And it is already enough space in the heart to form only there a special biofilm , if we consider that the inner heart surface is on average 75cm2. Our customers come from different areas such as Environmental Care, Animal Welfare and Public Health.

Public Health

– Innovative Preclinical CRO: Services with Insightful Support That Advance Your Concept of Reality

ProtLab GPL is a trusted partner and contract research organization (CRO) specializing in preclinical services for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biological, and hybrid products.
ProtLab GPL provides essential preclinical research data and innovative solutions through proven methods and compliance, employing experienced professionals and state-of- the-art facilities using the most advanced equipment available on the market. We are a preclinical CRO you can trust – an integral member of your product innovation team.

– Preclinical Testing Services That Advance Your Innovations

Is your novel therapy a medical device, pharmaceutical, biological, or hybrid product? We can help with preclinical testing services throughout the innovation and product development cycle.

– Feasibility/Proof-of-Concept Studies

We can help you propel your ideas through all stages of product development. Our preclinical testing team can advise you on model selection and preclinical study design, maximizing your results at a reasonable cost. The skilled surgeons and interventionalists at ProtLab GPL provide valuable feedback on early stage prototype performance. Our scientists and veterinarians assist first-time innovators in choosing the right methods for testing their medical devices and biological prototypes and addressing their fundamental questions. We can do the same for you.

– Surgical and Interventional Services

ProtLab GPL skilled professionals can create surgical and interventional models of specialized anatomy or various human disease states for testing your product. Our surgeons and interventionalists have experience providing valuable feedback on product performance and optimizing treatment procedure steps in preparation for human clinical cases. ProtLab GPL can provide surgical assistance for your physician advisor, or perform the experimental surgery for you. We tailor our services to precisely meet your project needs.

– Clinical Products for Studies

If you are in need of currently available products to serve as study controls, ProtLab GPL can order most clinically available products that are approved in the UK & EU. Let us know how we can help you.

– Grant-Funded Projects

ProtLab GPL has worked on government-funded research, Our scientists can support your grant writing, and will provide the appropriate Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) documentation necessary to successfully file with the proper funding agency. To learn more about how we can support your grant-funded projects, please contact one of our scientists today.

– Histopathology and Bioanalytical Testing

ProtLab GPL has partnered with experts in the fields of histopathology,cytology and analytical testing. Whether your specific need is plastic embedding, immunohistochemistry, cytology or something unique, we are happy to set up introductions or coordinate these efforts for you.

– Biofilm in Public Health Environment

Nanoparticles, Microorganism frequently grow in an aggregate in which cells are stuck to each other/or to a surface. They are embedded within a self-secreted extracellular protective matrix, which is necessary to analyze.

– Dermal Fillers

Biofilm analysis: Fillers – Dermal Fillers: In the US, fillers are approved as medical devices (FDA) and prescription is necessary. European Union and also in UK – fillers are non prescription medical devices.
They are commonly used in several aesthetic indication. Though considered safe, several side affects exists. The role of “biofilms” in the causation of some of these side effects has been elucidated.
References: Biofilms: The role in Dermal Fillers (Journal Cutan, Aesthet. Surg.2010)

– Plastic Surgery

References: Biofilms: Recommendation and treatment options for nodules and other filler complication (Dermatolog. Surg. 2009,Narins RS et all)

– Molecular Biology

RNA (mRNA, nc RNA, tRNA, rRNA, lncRNA, snoRNAs, crisprRNAs)
ROS detection, Antioxidants measurement
Praekonceptional counseling
Animal Welfare

– Biofilm in Animal Welfare / Health

All microbes and Nanoparticles always leave a trace on the surfaces (Biofilm), you have to use only the right track and the matching technology. Whenever there is a non identified problem in a farm animals herd, Protlab GPL is screening all animals of your herd.
The fact that microorganisms are present in different milieus puts special challenges on the stable owner and all members of this bio-space (animals).
An important focus in the area is the drinking water system and the particles, which are located in the drinking water (see our water swirler and its effect).

– Colonization of surfaces

Virtually all most surfaces provide fertile soil for microbial colonization. Because bacteria adhere well to organic materials that coat these surface, it should be no surprise that they employ similar mechanisms when colonizing the mucous membranes and epithelial of animals and humans.
Biofilm can either be dormant or active depending up on the external triggering factor, thus it gets out of reach for antibiotics and also becomes difficult to culture in vitro. It becomes active following any disturbance in its local environment, such as trauma, injections, manipulation resulting in manifestations such as local low-grade infection, asbcess, local lumps.

– Molecular Biology

RNA (mRNA, nc RNA, tRNA, rRNA, lncRNA, snoRNAs, crisprRNAs)
ROS detection, Antioxidants measurement
e.g. ROS detection and Antioxidants measurment in Sport Horses (horse stress test).
– Stable climate counseling

Research & Development

The scientific focus of Protlab GPL, Ltd is on the concept of respecting the physiology of mammals and thus humans, such as the surfaces of our blood circulation.
Protlab GPL studies the surfaces and the resulting biofilm, which develops when micro/nanoparticles begin to adhere to surfaces, or when flow velocities change, and changes in the physical creatures occur within a homeostatic system e.g. the movement and changes of blood particles in 4 dimensions (cells, proteins, macromolecules, …).
Protlab GPL studies the changes in hemorheological parameters (blood rheology) and biochemical parameters respectively due to material contact with blood when compared with control blood samples without material incubation.


Based on this scientific focus, the Protlab GPL team has been researching and developing for over 12 years a mechanical support for heart failure, which cause the highest mortality rate in the pathology of humankind. Such a mechanical support is defined by the term Ventricular Assist Device (VAD).
Research in this field has tended towards two different typologies of VAD:

– continuous flow (unnatural, not managed to eliminate the complexity nor reduce the technical difficulty, therefore costs of production and surgical application are extremely high, no paediatric use)

– pulsatile flow (natural; ease of – production, application; low costs, paediatric use

Protlabs team has been working on a pulsatile technology with US Patent, which is the most advanced when compared to the devices currently available on the market, including the ones in clinical trials.

The advantage of this patented pulsatile flow VAD technology can be described in brief as follows: A much more simplified product when compared with the competition, this VAD can easily be implanted and removed via standard surgery, with much less trauma to the patient. Its design and features result in significantly lower application, inpatient hospital, post-surgery, insurance and production costs. Protlab GPL believes that all this, along with improved quality of life for the patient, would act as key drivers for rapid and widespread adoption of said technology over the competition.